How often do you stretch before and after your workouts?

Did you know that without proper warm up and cool down, the body goes in with no support? Without the proper shoulder stretch, this happens to your lat pulldowns:

Don't be stupid and ruin your back. Even worse, you may never unlearn the poor form and spend thousands to get back to square 1!

Lat PulldownsSquat

At Eggplant Journeys, we take our experience, find the products needed to save you time and money (and health) and pass this information to you!

We are starting small (because it's a lot of work for this Eggplant to unlearn the poor form) but we've got some amazing products for you to check out and buy now:

You clicked on the ad to make your life better. Here's your chance to take control of the final pieces to perfect your exercise routine.

Results will vary, but we never defined the speed on your Eggplant Journey, just the path. See more here 

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