• Look, feel, wear your best

    Look, feel, wear your best
    You can’t be the best, if you use second rate ingredients. You can’t feel your best, if you start with a poor foundation. You can’t try your best, when your mind is stuck on “I can’t achieve” So why not aim high? They put you down, they keep you down, because you let them. At the Werk Academy, you deserve the best because in...
  • A farewell...

    A farewell...
    Goodbye from the Eggplant. It's been a great 18 months.  But we need to grow up, or at least, expand. Taking control of your fitness appeals to only so many people, but with Werk.academy, we've opened the door to a multitude of lifestyles and hacks that you can enjoy.  We will never forget the Eggplant, but when we're looking at ventures such as CBD,...
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