EggplantJourneys - Prioritising Your Time

Health isn't wealth. Time is. 

You can't get to a healthy state without time to do it. You can't go and lose weight without some time to perform all the necessary actions. And results don't happen immediately at the same time as asking for it to happen. 


If you find that you never have enough hours in a day, mad rushing around thinking that this is normal, you are way off course from your Eggplant Journey

We all need time. We can be efficient about it or as lazy as possible. When you practice time management you prioritise what is important to your life.

That is a lie

When you time manage yourself, you just gave away your freedom and committed to meeting a deadline for some small seratonin high.

Do you really want Sensible Shoes to own you? That is not what any Purple Plump should want, ever.

Own your life, give them your preferred time, because that's just the tip of any Eggplant Journey.

Quitting the job was easy, living my life will be hard. So, I intend to find and get you products to upgrade your use of time, ensure all your activities in your Eggplant Journey give you maximum time and no sensible shoes.

FYI, throw out any pairs of shoes that are both comfortable and sensible. You deserve back-breaking fashion given the amount of exercises done with the Eggplant Journey program.


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