Your life is just multiple A/B tests running

You might think that clearing your world to start afresh would be easy. To make it so, you'd need to:

  1. Create a mindset of living your future, not stuck taking orders 
  2. Pretend to have a midlife crisis, removing yourself from the digital world
  3. Let the world think you are a hermit, out of character to how you behave usually
  4. Change the way in which you present the world 

WIth these 4 steps, you could even get your own Netflix documentary where a Vegas cat lady starts an investigation against you. Or you could make shameless plugs to make money.

But the real first step is always to learn from mistakes. The past is a treasure trove to find ways to correct. Your life is basically a big A/B test and there are no right or wrong until the test is finished.

So until the day you die, you will keep running these tests over and over again. You get a redo every time life stops you to correct your life. 

If you saw life as this, instead of another self-help book that you need to read or a therapist you need to buy a 16 week package from, you realize that the world has progressed as everybody's A/B test are running non-stop, in flux with each other. 

So take notice when it happens, because the test period is up and the results are in. Time for another A/B test?

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