Cheat your way to a successful life

A bad squat or wake up call to do better?

Having paid for a trainer half my age, and what seemed like an ungodly attempt to not pass out, my trainer and I tried our first workout at the gym. Here is the result of the attempt at squatting:

Squatting in bad form as seen in the blog post at

In order to prevent a request for refund and at the same time, being humiliated by his peers, my trainer pointed out several issues with such form. The worst of which was:

Youlook thirsty in this form. 

Without explaining what that means, this is why the Squat Magic exists.

 And as I kept trying not to imagine a tacky adult video based of this scene, I was also conscious of the fact that my fat thighs were showing their jiggling (they look strong but when you squat, they show the telltale weakness). So I got suckered into getting these from Isavera:


 The mere fact that I can now by something to remove my moobs (a stunning asset of this Purple Plump), is an indication that this Eggplant Journey is about perfection and the extinction of my fat. 

All while I'm writing and eating a Creme Brulee. 

Today's lesson:

Cheat your way to success. Life (and personal trainers) are too hard on you. So why not get shortcuts to succeed?

This is not a "fake it till you make it" rehash. I've seen too many sensible shoes to know those who fake it, can't tolerate those who know. Don't fake it. Get the knowledge you need but at the same time, be smart and get to success quicker. 

Do you really want to do a bad squat for the next 20 years (2000 to 2020)? Yes. I'm serious when I say that. 

Let me put it another way. Fake it to the presidency and thern be overwhelmed or learn and find "hacks" to speed to the top of the class?

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